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Thread: S&D PVC in SE Michigan ?

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    S&D PVC in SE Michigan ?

    Anyone happen to know who sells the 6" S&D PVC around here (Metro Detroit area)? A lot of posts say try irrigation suppliers but I struck out there on a couple I tried calling today. Also, Bill Pentz site mentions a heat blanket that can be used to bend & shape the stuff. Anybody used one of those? Is this something that tool rental places would have? Or something available online that isn't real expensive? I'd been leaning towards metal ducting but think I'm finally going to decide on the PVC. Temps in the shop are starting to warm back up enough to get my DC installation going again so I better get some ducting lined up.
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    Doug, try wholesale plumbing companies. The name of the one here that I finally found it at is Morrison Supply Company, but they aren't in Michigan. I went through about 8 local plumbing stores that could get it, asking who they would recommend trying. Finally got the one that stocks it. Don't ask for SD 2729. Even Morrison didn't know it by that. Ask for thin wall gravity feed PVC. I paid 1.86 per foot for the first 2 sections. The last 3 sections the guy gave me a break on...about half price 94.5 per foot. So they can deal if they will. Good luck. Its a hunt, but well worth it. Jim.
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    doug the heater is similar to what electricians use to get there pvc conduit to fit in troublesome area's and i can assure you it wont be cheap, you will probally be better of to get the fittings to do your setup..
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    Doug, I had similar challenges in Wisconsin. I don't know if there is a Menards in the Detroit area, but they carry 6" Sewer & Drain pipe and connectors. The pipe is green in color. They have good prices on everything. Unfortunately, I didn't want green in my basement shop, so I looked for other alternatives. I found that I could purchase the pipe from US Plastics ( in Lima, Ohio. Good price on the pipe, but shipping cost added $20+ per 10 foot section (ordered 50 feet). Also they will cut the pipe to whatever size you want so it can be shipped via UPS (must be 8 ft or less). Good service, but shipping cost was a lot higher than they estimated. Looks like Lima may not be too far south of Detroit for you.


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    Just seconding Jim's answer. Find the plumbing supplier(s) that the plumbers use. Thats your best bet and your probably the cheapest.

    The borg's carry it around here. But I am sure they are not the cheapest.

    Another hint, find out what the local plumbers call it. Everyone has a different name for it. It's typically used (here) for drain lines in the yard for gutters or drain boxes. It's to light for most codes around here to use with sewage.

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    I too am (was) looking for S&D for my cyclone.
    Was in Lowes, dont go down the plummer asile, as I am not a plummer.

    But lowes and behold they got it stocked. Not too many fittings.

    Then the other day was irrigation for lawns had it stocked outside. Not for sure if they will sell it, but got my sources lined up

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    I got all my pipe and some of my fittings at Carter Lumber in Monroe. The rest of my fittings came from Lowes. Carter's pipe is thinner wall than what Lowes sometimes stocks (they don't always have the 6" pipe in stock.) That also means its lighter which is a big plus. I've heard that not all Carter stores carry the bigger pipe.

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