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Thread: Silver anniversary

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    Silver anniversary

    No not my marriage, though we will be celebrating ours in Aug this year...

    Nope, this is my 25th wishing well since I started playing woodworker. A friend of the owner of the hunting club I belong to, seen the one I sold to the landowners daughter back a few{8-10} years ago. That year he ordered 4 for his grown kids. Well this one was ordered from one of his boys, for his child's wedding.

    Just borg pine & cedar shims for shingles with Helmsman spar finish...hope I'm still around{and able} for their next generation

    Those whose eyes are working will notice the fascia trim was an afterthought{the side view surely gives it away}

    Click image for larger version. 

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    What a great tradition. Great work Ken.
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    Very nice work. Are they typically a wedding gift of sorts? That would surely look nice tucked into a corner of the yard....
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    well that looks sharp but your yard does to ken you got that spiffied right well
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    Man you do great work, that is just beautiful.

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    You do build some pretty cool stuff Ken
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    Thanks guys I enjoy these as they are cheap & simple{like me} to make. I should mention that these 25 are of the large variety {5' + tall}. I have made a ton of smaller ones as well... Most of the folks that I've dealt with, keep them for themselves & fix a liner of some sort in them and plant flowers inside. I did find a photo of a couple of the smaller ones from a few years ago...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Dowell View Post
    ...Are they typically a wedding gift of sorts? ...
    Not that I'm aware of Though I would say over half of the ones I've made 'were' for wedding/anniversary gifts, as the purchaser usually requests the receivers names & a date be placed on them.

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