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Thread: Grr-Ripper Stop Hook - Shop Made

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    Grr-Ripper Stop Hook - Shop Made

    I have had occasion to see the value in one of these but, never forked out the money for one (or a dozen as they are a wear part). I have a long list of "stuff I'm gonna do when I get that chest of drawers outta here" and this one just rose to the top. Made from scrap hardwood. The initial setup takes 10 or 15 minutes; making the rest of them takes about 5 minutes more . Since the figgerin' and setup time is the bulk of the work on things like this I always say "go ahead and make a bunch". I made 6 each with 1/4", 3/16" and 1/8" over hang as opposed to making it adjustable. I figure those sizes will handle about anything I need.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You know, I was just using my gripper earlier today and was thinking it'd be great if it had a rear stop. Heck, I didn't even know it was a part you could purchase.

    Guess I'll need to whip up a bunch.

    Thanks Glenn!
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    What a neat idea
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    Good reminder as my original has seen the wear factor you mentioned I like the custom size idea as well, Thanks!

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    These Grippers have to be one of the best devices produced in recent times.
    Glenn i made a few of these too but never thought to vary the overhang instead i made mine of various widths. I felt the standard one they make is ok but i made a wider and much narrow version too.
    I gotta thank you though because i keep learning from you Sensei.

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    You've been a creative little woodworker lately haven't you?!
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    Not to be picky but I count 7 pieces in the 1/4" pile. Can you send this extra one to me?

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