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Thread: FYI about the opening

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    FYI about the opening

    The show went great. My Mom and Dad made the show and Mom was cognoscenti. She seemed to be doing very well last night. It was all worth it for her to be there.*I did sell my 1st print. The Black wolf, to a long time customer of the shop. Probably 50 friends showed up in support which was totally awesome.But I probably would not have gotten to showing with out a lot of the support I have received from many of you. So thank you all so much.
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    so, did you sell the other copies dave?? and congrats on the black wolf sale!!!
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    Good to read it went well. Did you pick up the word "cognoscenti" at the show? I had to look it up, thought maybe your mother had caught something! I'm not really an artsie type, but I know I'd love to see your paintings. You have a great future in my opinion.
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    Congratulations, Dave! May there be many more.
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    Well deserved Dave. You have a great talent, and it deserves to be shared!
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    Glad it went well Dave!


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    Great news Dave. Certainly well deserved
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    Good news Dave, in my view given your incredible skill this is only the beginning. Thanks for the update.

    As a side note i saw a program early this morn were they said the introduction of wolves to some areas in the USA where they had been wiped out, was keeping the coyote numbers in check. Any hunters believe this to be the case?

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    That is great, Dave. You deserved it.
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    Congrats, Dave. Glad to hear the opening went so well.
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