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Thread: Hunting Charcoal and Clay

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    Hunting Charcoal and Clay

    Sunday was the first Father's Day in over 20 years that I was able to actually be with my dad, so we took advantage of that fact. We spent the afternoon out on some BLM land about 30 miles from here where we could burn up some ammo without worrying about range rules. The targets of choice were charcoal briquettes and biodegradable clay pigeons, and we had a fun time shooting an assortment of weapons. Afterwards we went to a local BBQ joint and had a great lunch.

    He recently turned 82, and the old guy can still school me with a revolver.
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    So glad you could spend some quality time with your dad.

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    Love it! nothing like a day in the desert!
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    vaughn the job loss wasnt a good thing but you got a great opportunity that was worth every minute of the bad time you had previously.. attah boy vaughn and glad you got this chance, and take as much time as you can get with him from now on..!!!!
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    He has kept himself in pretty good shape.

    Sounds like a very good way to spend father's day.
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    One of my favorite things is getting together with my son and dad and test ammo, glad after 20 years the opportunity has one again come up for you

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    I like the sun screen. Your father looks very cool in the photo. I am glad for you both.
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    Very very cool way to spend fathers day. Do it more often.

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    Sounds like a perfect day. I had to settle for taking mine to lunch, he goes in for rotator cuff surgery Wednesday, but had a good day none the less.

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    "Hunting charcoal & clay" ...does this mean you were looking for facials??? >>>

    Glad you both got to spend some time together...savor every moment you can!

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