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Thread: Shoe box

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    Shoe box

    My buddies brother asked for this to store some of his wife's shoes...their design was to allow light to pass thru to 'somewhat' illuminate the shoes. Solid Oak, & Acrylic, approx. 10"x12"x40"...they picked it up last night & I had forgotten to get a final finish picture, it was done with min-wax cherry & wipe-on semi-gloss, again their choice. Not too sure if I like the way they have the door open, if it's stored low, one would not only have to bend down but also reach 'under' to access the shoes Aw well, not for me to fret over, it's paid for and gone

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    Good work, Ken. You did well. As you said, if the client is happy, then that's a good thing!
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    if they are happy, thats all that matters.
    nice shoe box, is her name imelda?
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    Good work Ken.

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    ken i dont think we will ever understand how woman can idlize shoes so much,, fortunatly i dont have one that does but we know there are many out there that do,, nice work on the shoe box and glad you got another paying job come in
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    Allen beat me to the punch line.

    Nice work, Ken.
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    Lucky Shoes!
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    That is one nice shoe box Ken Man all of the shoes I own can fit in just one of those cubicles, now the LOML shoes, well.....

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    Nice shoe box. I have been thinking of making something like this to keep the dogs away from my wife's shoes. They've chewed on both pair.

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    Nicely done, Ken.
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