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Thread: More Bird Houses

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    More Bird Houses

    Seems as if all I have been making is Bird Houses lately. Had a perty good run on them so I made another 22 of them. Can't tell you all the differant woods there are but used all kinds. I will not bore you with 22 differant pictures. But I do have to show a few. In the last picture I did something differant by adding a second Bird.


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	000_0090 (600 x 450).jpg 
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Name:	000_0092 (600 x 450).jpg 
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Name:	000_0093 (600 x 450).jpg 
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Name:	000_0094 (600 x 450).jpg 
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Name:	000_0095 (600 x 450).jpg 
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Name:	000_0099.jpg 
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    That's a lot of Bird houses, I tried to sell em once and had no takers, how much do ya sell em for ?
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    Looks like you've been staying busy, Dennis. Nice work.
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    Nice stuff Dennis I like the 2 bird versions

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    Nice work Dennis. I do like the two bird pieces. Mine has been selling well to.
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    That's a bunch of really neat bird houses. They are so darned cute.

    Pardon my ignorance; but what do people do with them?


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    Those are cute... guess I need to add them to my to-do list.... hope I live long enough to get at least part of the turnings on the list done... they will make nice Christmas tree ornaments.
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    Don I sell them for only 20 at the craft fairs. Figure thats fair seeing most of the wood is bits and pieces laying around. They don't always do well for me. Out of the 5 or 6 shows I have done there where a couple none sold. The gallery has done a couple a month but even that has slowed down. I made so many this time so I won't have to make them for a while.
    Jim a couple of my best customers are nuts about birds. I am told they have more bird houses then most. Also Christmas Trees seem to get a few each year. I made my first one about 4 years ago and my wife puts it on our tree each year.

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    Very nicely done and that reminds me I need to increase my inventory of these also. I too sell very well of these. I have found that the red cardinal is the most popular bird people seem to want. It got to the point I had to go back and change quite afew just to have the red cardinal. Thanks for showing.
    John T.

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    Beautiful job Dennis!! Between you, Bernie and JD...I'm determined to get some of these done!
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