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Thread: UEFA CUP whats your call......?

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    UEFA CUP whats your call......?

    Given we have some European members and specifically one that lives in one of the countrys that are still in the running i thought in tribute to them we should acknowlege and have a little poll on their big soccer game. Or football as they call it.

    So with Canada being like the United Nations we have had cars honking and my Portuguese neighbors flying the flag left right and center and the local Italians going crazy.

    For those not in the know there are two semi final matches this week

    Portugal vs Spain


    Italy vs Germany

    Whats your call on who will be in the final.

    Vote in the poll.......

    Me i say Canada eh. I got friends on each side i gotta walk carefully.

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    I have no idea who is favored, but I'll cheer for Spain!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Bower View Post
    I have no idea who is favored, but I'll cheer for Spain!
    Same here.
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    I think germany vs spain. And Germany wins.
    I think Europe is more than playing football. For example. Poland and Russia is playing. Before and after is always fighting in the streets.
    The Hungarians also help the Poles.
    Even after the American football used to be a fight?
    Some video of the fight.

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    I'm going for Italy. Even after their lackluster performance against England the other day I think they will step up and beat Germany.
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    well it looks like Spain is one of them
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    And now it Italy.

    But Jozephs posts reminded me why i dont follow soccer. Sadly hooligans spoil it for me never mind the players dramatics and theatrics.

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    Yesterday, I saw a lot of cars honking their horns and flying Irish flags, so I figured there was something up, Then I drove through Little Italy and they were all celebrating, too. I thought, "That's nice, the Italians are cheering the Irish!"

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