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Thread: OSHA requirement drill press guard?

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    OSHA requirement drill press guard?

    I work for a countertop company in CNY and am the safety mgr here. We have about 18 months or so voluntary walk through's from the Department of Labor (DOL) where they look us over for any safety issues. We have been trying to do everything we can to make it better and more safe for all our employees. However we just had a recent walkthrough and one issues he found has me stumped. We don't have a need for a drill press much in my work as much of the countertops are cut with a CNC. So we have a small, old Delta bench model. It's been here as long as I have and more. It is this press that we need to have guarding on. I had never heard of guarding for a drill press. Guarding in saws, routers, CNC's and everything else but a drill press, never. I was sited for the missing guard and it was considered a serious offense. I use the press for drilling a hole in one piece of Corian left at the job site to be mounted in the sink base cabinet. One hole that's it. Large enough to hang with a drywall screw. I now have to either find a guard or buy another.

    Has anyone else had this issue? What or how did you fix, get around, or other wise deal with it? As I said before we have had numerous walkthroughs here as voluntary and this is the first issue we have had with a drill press. Clearly the standard is there and has been there for some time. I just don't go looking for it if you know what I mean. I find less sometimes is more.

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    I never heard of it before but I went to the Granger web site and found this I hope it helps

    I just noticed that the link expired but the part number is
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    I think its just the stupid trying to look out for himself. By finding 'something' to put on paper and slap your hands about he looks good and is doing his job well. (reality is he's just being knit picky) but now that he has it on paper that There's a problem it will have to be corrected or next time he or anyone else with his paper from last time comes back they will be looking to see if it was fixed.
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    Even by OHSA's own admission you can not completely comply to there regs as they will always find something wrong no mater what you do.
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    Here's a link that should offer some ideas as to shields ...remember also, that OSHA frowns on open belts, any work piece not mechanically clamped down, they even get picky about the controls, that they need to be covered as to avoid accidental starts...I'm sure their list goes on & on

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    We had an old Delta bench drill press in the shop at school several years ago. One OSHA inspector complained that it needed a guard--didn't specify what needed to be guarded. I took a few metal coffee tins and some pop rivets and made a belt guard to fit on the top of the machine. Problem solved--that machine was not mentioned in any reports after that.


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    OSHA's motto is "they're not happy until you're not happy."

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    Did you ever have a drill press drill grab an item you were drill holes in and rip it out of you hands and smash it against the support bar. Also not a lot of fun if that item is sheet metal. It's happened o me on both occasions. once I ruined a very intricate scroll saw piece by trying to drill a big hole in it after all the work was done. Also with the sheet alunimumum and a couple of stitched. Oooops. Neither items were clamped down. I learned my lesson. Would a guard have helped. I don't know. Experience is a good teacher.

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    The commercial guards seem to focus on flying chips and work pieces. I bet you could make something that would satisfy an idiot inspector. At first I was afraid that they wanted the drill and quill to be enclosed.
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    As a home inspector I have heard people say it was that way when they bought it and their inspector didn't write it up. Didn't change the fact it was wrong.

    This sounds rather dumb but sounds like you just got a better or more knowledgable inspector who is glad to have a job so he is doing his job.
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