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Thread: hard to believe

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    hard to believe

    On a muzzle loading discussion forum I belong to one of the more experienced members, and accomplished gun builder, stated he would like to build a particular model gun using a wood butt plate. He asked what kind of wood would we all reccomend. I reccomended either maple, stabilized maple or Osage Orange. He liked those ideas and I offered to send him a couple chunks of stabled maple and OO.
    He received them yesterday then PMd me asking which was the maple and which was the OO.
    The OO was recently milled. I did it to send to him. Right after milling it went into the box for shipping. Meaning the color was still......well....Uh....bright Orange.
    He is an accomplished gun builder and maple is used extensively for these guns. And, he had to ask which was the maple.
    Oh, well.
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    Shoulda sent him a piece of maple dyed blue and told him it was "blue gum" or some such wood.
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    Maybe he was testing your knowledge ,

    Jokes apart, I find many times in my job that we must never give anything for granted, I seen people mounting corrugated board boxes inside out and complaint because it didn't look good.

    One day I went to visit a customer with a scale model of a package that in full size measured about 4x3x4 feet, to show him the design, , when he saw the model his first comment was, "There must have been some mistake, our machine doesn't fit in that tiny box..."
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