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Thread: Boards For My Kids

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    Boards For My Kids

    Here is a set of boards that I made for my kids. I made two sets. One for my kids at home and one for my son and his family. All my boys play football for Mayfield.

    I made the stencils out of 16ga stainless steel. They will be around for awhile.
    I put painters tape on the board and traced out the stencil. I cut each color out with a xacto knife. I cut the color black section out first. To keep the black from bleeding into the red I peel up the tape and paint around the edge with the red color. That way it seals the tape and there is no bleed out. I do that will all the colors. When the paint is dried I have very crisp lines. That is the way the black lines of the square look so good. Boards with multiple colors takes awhile. I put 4 to 5 coats of poly on top of the paint. I then use water and soap and sand out the boards with 000 stainless steel.

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    Looks good Greg , more work here than most people think .............MB
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