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Thread: Friday 6-29 Edition

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    Friday 6-29 Edition

    Last Friday of June, who would have thought it would come this quick? So what's going on in your neighborhood? July 4th is also coming this week for those who celebrate it.

    Me, shop time and lots of it, done been out there a couple hours this morning. Working on a special project for a friend. Little warm around here for sure. Shop got up to 95 yesterday, I gave up then. No fireworks this week for us. All fireworks have been cancelled until further notice due to lack of rain.
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    Road Trip! Heading to the Knoxville TN area helping some good friends migrate. Catch up wit youse guys later on!

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    Studio weekend , raccoon painting
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    Taking it easy tonight, up early tomorrow for a 45 mile bike ride (unless the heat get to us first). I'm sure a few cocktails after the ride and probably early to bed. Sunday will be a full day in the shop, got some awards I need to finish and start another batch as well that are due in a month. Hot here too, but some welcomed rain this morning and maybe more tomorrow!
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    Veg out tonight with some cold ones, been a LONG week. Tomorrow shop time most of the day with my son and since it is so dry here, even the weeds are not growing so no mowing and that equals more shop time Sunday

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    sanding and finishing of projects for the fair, picking up materials for the goblet.
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    This is going to be one of those, stop & think weekends...where once you begin, you don't start again for couple of days
    Actually no plans other than grillin & chillin

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    I've been living along the beltway for fifteen years. In all that time, I've never seen a forecast like this:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Canada Day weekend! Helping my nephew celebrate his 50th birthday tomorrow. Church and lazy afternoon on Sunday. My girls are coming home to catch the Tragically Hip concert, so we'll see them too. Monday I may get back into the wood shop.

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    Too hot to do much outside, and I've got a deck rebuilding project in progress. Think that'll go 'on hold' for a few days... Might be a good time to clean the (air conditioned) shop!
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