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Thread: It's the little things...

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    It's the little things...

    ...that keep 'em happy - sometimes!

    Without going into a lot of detail, LOML and I pulled the trigger on a remodel of our master bathroom several weeks ago. It took about a month for the contractor to do the major work involved - remove three doors, take out two walls, add a wall, etc. Other than keeping an eye on them, I didn't get much done while they were here.

    When looking at options for keeping some of the clutter off the countertop, I thought about the tilt-out thingies in front of the sinks like we had used at another house. My lovely wife looked under the sinks and suggested there was room to add a small drawer rather than the less-than-useful tilting unit. A couple of measurements later, I had a plan - fortunately! The sinks I chose for the remodel are low-profile. I couldn't use the full height of the opening behind the false front panels; about half of it - 3.5" could be used, which works great for combs, brushes, etc. I'll add dividers after we determine how we want them done.
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    At the tub, we used a towel rack that matches the oiled bronze colored faucets. I wanted a rack long enough to hold a towel and bathmat by the shower, so I had to make one. Simple enough: read oak bandsawed to shapes similar to the bath and shower fixtures, then dyed. I used a 4' long 5/8" diameter dowel (from the borg) that slides through the center bracket and sits in the end brackets.
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    Nothing fancy, but it made sawdust! Now maybe I can get back to my platform bed build!!!

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    Well done Bill, at least you got some shop time,

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    I'd agree with Charles, looks good.

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    If you don't take pride in your work, life get's pretty boring.

    Rule of thumb is if you don’t know what tool to buy next, then you probably don’t need it yet.

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    Looks great, and the extra space to stash stuff is great!
    I like the electrical outlet on the side of the vanity, great spot for it!
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    Nice reclaim of that wasted space in the vanity Bill.

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    Nice work Bill. You will get many good years use out of those.
    It's not what you achieve in life...It's what you overcome!

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    another attah boy for you bill .. and bobby had good idea once more,, no wonder you think she is a keeper and the side receptical is the best place for one in my book..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Baugues View Post
    Nice work Bill. You will get many good years use out of those.
    Ditto ^^^ & a right nice amount of brownie points ...well done!

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    Well done Bill. Your shares have got to be at an all time high.

    I really like the idea of having place to hang the mat. Been batting that one for some time.

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