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Thread: Do you use your dust collector?

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    Do you use your dust collector?

    I've got one. I've even made a trash can lid seperator dealy bob to make it a 2 stage whatever you call it.

    But I have to admit, Since it hasn't been plumbed in, I never really use it for anything other than when I use my planer.

    I know I should use it when I use the table saw or cut off saw, but moving the hose is too big of a pain.

    But no more.

    Today I bought some 4" drain pipe and through some creative use of flex hose fittings, hot glue, some newly purchased blast gates, and the aforementioned flex hose, I cobbled together a psuedo plumbed dust collector system.

    I know, no pics, didn't happen. The shop is still an unorganized mess, but at least now when I use the table saw I have half a chance of using the DC...

    I plumbed a connection to the old radial arm saw, the table saw, and one free hanging hose I can use to connect to the planer, bandsaw, drum sander, whatever I happen to need. Those latter tools are ones that have to be moved into position to use, so they don't need a dedicated connection.

    Now If I can just get the electricition out to upgrade the house panel and run me a sub panel, I'll be all set.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That should work Brent. And yes, I use mine all the time. Pain in the rear to move the hose, but a necessary evil for sure.
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    I only have my TS hooked up to the dc now. I have another line with one of those 3 feet to 20 feet expandable hoses that I stretch to any machine Im using, and I use it every time.
    I hooked a seperate shop vac to my mitre saw with one of those power switches that turns the vacuum on whenever I press the button to start the saw.
    My dust collection is far from perfect, but its far better than none at all, and I recommend you use whatever you have, whenever you work.
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    All the time! I do need to empty it again in the morning.

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    My only DC plumbing is a 20' piece of flex hose, and I have a quick-connect fitting on the end of it, so it's easy to move from machine to machine. I'm pretty consistent about using the DC for everything, although for a quick crosscut on the table saw or band saw I often wont use it unless it's already hooked up to the machine.

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    You all know my story . I took one on the chin and have been all plumbed in and a religious user of my DC's ever since. When it comes to dust collection and your health, some is better than none but, "close enough" is not really close enough. Take it seriously, or it will seriously take you (wow, can I patent that one-liner? ). Great job Brent. The rest of you; I cannot urge you enough; do whatever you have to to work safely .
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    I try to use it all the time but quite often don't turn it on for one or 2 cuts. Mine isn't piped I just have a bunch of flex hose laying around or hanging from the ceiling and have to connect the planer and jointer each time I use them. It's a pain in the butt but I found some quick connect flange type fittings at Rockler and they make it real easy to connect and disconnect. I also found a remote switch at Walmart and hang it in the middle of the shop. That works great.

    I know I should be more concerned about dust but the main reason I use the DC is to keep the mess down. Since my shop is in the basement and is pretty jammed up with tools and benches cleaning up after I use a tool is pretty important. Tracking dust and chips upstairs does not make for a happy wife.
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    another vote for 80 % of the time, as others mentioned for q quick cut on the bandsaw i will probally leave it off, or RAS , but sanding its on always..and i need to get the connection made for the larger setup. need to use it again on monday but have othere things that have came in frnt of it.. in my experiences i can get sinus trouble from the RAS. Tsaw, Chop saw if i am doing alot of it at one time.. so if you have one use it, and more than i do!!!
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    I've got a couple of dust collectors in my shop. Someday I will get one of those big honken ones with piping run on the ceiling and then dropped down to each machine.
    Right now my planer and chop saw are connected to one and the jointer and tablesaw to the other. (with blast gates)
    My band saw can be connected quickly by stealing the hose to the jointer.
    My dust collectors are used 100% of the time.
    What really helps are the remotes I have to turn each one off and on. No excuse not to use them on when the remote is 12" from the blade.....

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    My big problem is that for just "one or two" cuts, I wouldn't bother to move the hose around. After quite a few iterations of 1 or 2 cuts, the bottom of my table saw would be a foot deep in saw dust.I think this is really going to be a big help.

    In fact, I've reduced the amount of flex pipe used for any single run. It's purely anectdotal, but my 'feeling' is that I've got better pull now with the rigid ducting. Can't prove it until I use it, but it just seems that way.

    I did put my only section of clear ducting on the drop down into the chip seperator. That way I should be able to tell when the trash can is overfilled, as well as to be able to keep an eye on if there are chips moving through the system.
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