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Thread: Big memories, small project

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    Big memories, small project

    Some of you may recall my occasional mentions of a friend, Len Dillion, who was a masters-master wood carver. Len died about three years ago. His widow died last month. She had offered me the contents of his workshop. I never went as it just didn't feel like the right thing to do. In the shop he had this diamond willow stick that I admired. Well, last week their children held a yard sale to get rid of 'things'. In the lot was this stick. Len had put a finish on it but never handled it. I'm sure if he had it would have been a great carving. Eagle or Wolf head or somthing similar.
    I bought it and put a handle on it. Not a carving, just simple turning from mahogany. Debated among OO, Walnut, Sugar Berry or this Mahagony.
    I don't need a cane but will put it with the others I have made for the day when I will/might need one.
    BTW, Len called his home and retirement business Diamond D. The name was for his wife, Dorothy who he often referred to has a diamond. Diamond Willow is appropriate.Click image for larger version. 

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    Very nice finish to the project Frank.

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    Nicely done, Frank. May it help keep the good memories flowing.
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    Looks good Frank. Very touching.
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    Great memories are hard to come by. Glad you could get something that will keep them sharp forever.

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    I hope it continues to bring great memories Frank.

    I'm surprised the kids didn't want to keep it.
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    Glad you have a memory to keep and treasure to keep it fresh!
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    Nice one Frank. Kinda looks like an Irish shilelagh. You could carry it as a nice cane but if the going got tough, put the bad guys for a six. Glad you went to the garage sale. Its tough when friends pass on.

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    well done frank,, sometimes our hesitance is a fault,, the family may not have had much reverence for his stuff as you did and it may have went by the wayside.. we all make tough choices in these situations...
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    Very nice Frank!
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