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Thread: Mexican Agate with tricks!

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    Mexican Agate with tricks!

    Friend on IAP did the same blank except reversed in red, we chatted last night about getting this one out after seeing his! Pic's suck as usual, but the rest came out good! Reversed black and black tubes...even managed a finial! Cut the blank at 2-5/8" which almost left me hosed for the closed-end, but I rounded it rather than flairing to be safe. Jr Gent parts, MM to 12k and Hutts. Thanks for looking!
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    Nice Jim!
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    Nice job on the closed end! Sweet looking pen.
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    That is one sweet looking pen. Love the wood.
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    great job bud as always. Remember we have a hollow form to make. maybe you can cast a piece like Allen Trout. Or i think that's the man that does them great cast turnings.

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    That acrylic is some of the nicest stuff out there. I have used it many times and you really can not go wrong with what ever color you reverse paint it. I have used black, red, gold It gives it a tad bit of change but it is the material itself that stands out. Nice job and thanks for showing.
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    That is one nice looking pen.

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    One of my favorite! Great job.
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