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Thread: Working with Bloodwood

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    Working with Bloodwood

    I have a chance to buy Bloodwood at a reasonable price. But reading about the wood on the net makes me nervous about the toxicity and possibly skin irritations. I would like to hear from others what their experience has been working with Bloodwood.

    Thanks, DKT

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    I have not had an issue with it but, I wear a respirator religiously.
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    I've turned it for chisel handles and have used it in furniture (as decoration) without any problems. But I know that some people react to bloodwood.

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    I have used with no problems. I like it. Smells nice while being worked. I rarely wear a mask. FWIW, I am sensitive to OO and Red Cedar dust. Blooodwood has not bothered me.
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    I haven't use a lot of it but have not had any problem when I did.
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    I work with blood wood regularly and have had no reactions that I remember... I do wear a smock when I turn that covers my entire upper body except for the hands and face... I should, but am not good to wear a mask, but so far no reactions.

    Love the way blood wood turns and finishes.
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    I built a 22 cabinet kitchen out of Bloodwood. I don't wear a respirator and it never gave any problems. It's hard on planer knifes. I went through 4 set of knives on the kitchen. I couldn't use my wide belt sander on it but sanded well with an ROS and pad sander. It routes and shapes well. It takes a bigger that normal pilot hole for screws. Had no trouble with gluing.

    There are some different species of Bloodwood. Do you know which one you're getting?

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