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Thread: New work bench

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    New work bench

    I have been trying to find the proper plans, time, etc to build a new workbench. I have come up with the plans but time..........not yet, hopefully this winter. So until then I picked up a bench from harbor freight and for what it is, I am happy with it Going from using my table saw for everything including plaining bench, assembly table and even as a table saw So it is 5' x 20.5", 4 felt lined drawers, vise on the end. Normally 229.95 on sale for 159.95 and a 25% coupon (special for the 4th) ends up at 119.95 plus tax, a good price for what it is. Set it up yesterday and gave it a try out using Toni's plane, a #5 1/2 and a #4. Bench seems solid and made me a happy camper for nowClick image for larger version. 

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    Your tablesaw will thank you!
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    Tom i would say that is a real sweet deal. You need a bench to build a bench anyhow. Did that come with the vice included for that price. You sure seized the moment for a bargain.

    Whats that you got pinned down for planning. ?

    Happy for you.

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    Yes the vice came with the bench Rob and part of my commission is on the bench, that will be a napkin holder and trivets

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    That looks like it was a steal for that price. I had that coupon and forgot about it yesterday.

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    Nice deal, Tom.

    I always thought the legs on that bench looked kinda flimsy. I guess I was wrong as it seems you were not having any issues.
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    I suggest that you load up some weight on that bottom shelf to keep it from walking around the shop as you plane.
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    Looks great, Tom. If I had the room in my shop, I'd love to add a true bench, and I'd be tempted to go the same route as you. Heck, I can't buy the lumber for a bench for that price.
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    Wasn't there a thing, when a member found a great deal, they would pick one up for everybody nice score Tom!

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