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Thread: Our house on the web

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    Our house on the web

    Well i figured since we got no choice about being on the web, and the whole world can see my home. I might as well show my mates that matter using the convenience of the realtors to do it.

    Most of you wont get up here for a visit and before it all goes to someone else you might as well get to see what this "New Canadian" lives in.

    We aint fancy people so dont read into anything. This will give you a good idea of the houses they building in Canada these days. Only thing that varies is size and how little land you have. The latest ones they charging $750K for you can reach out a side window and shake the hand of your neighbor from his window and you will not even have straightened your arm to reach out. Wonder why we have conflict not spoken about all over the show between neighbors.

    Anyhow I am glad i hired the agent i did. She is a real pro and i admire true professionals when you see them go to work.

    Check out my shop, its never been that decluttered and clean ever. Not even when i built it.

    Toughest part of selling for our family with the two young babies errr sorry men is keeping the place as sterile as it is.

    Linda said to me last night this is the last time we sell and move. The next home we gonna have is going to be our home home. I could only agree with her. I dont know how people do this process every 3 to 5 years just to roll up some capital gain. There are better ways to make loot.

    Its off to the country for me now. But we gonna take our time to pick out that spot.

    Talk about dreaming.............

    Just think of that movie Centennial......remember the scene where they all participate in the big land rush. Man you gotta live your dreams life to short. Rockies here i come.

    Were i not married i would take what i have and buy a trap line way up north and be gone. Better a grizzly or mountain lion enjoy my body than the old age homes and pharmaceutical corprations and insurance parasites. But i got a ways to go to do that.

    Right now i doubt i would last a day up north in real terrain. Dream on Rob.

    Hey Brent you gotta step outside more and leave that puter and check out those wild horses. I have no idea how you manage to work in a setting with wild horses on your doorstep, and all those critter and deer.

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    House is looking good Rob and the shop sure is majorly de cluttered from when I was there. Best of luck for a quick sale and in finding your new space

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    Took me a minute to find the larger sized pics, had to click the "View Multimedia" link above the smaller pictures on that links page.

    Having been a realtor for a short time and seeing lots of houses. I think yours looks really good. One thing that caught my eye was the plates on the soffit in the kitchen.

    The thought I had was "that's a lot of holes to fill when those plates come down". Only reason I bring it up is that we had a house we sat on for 8 months doing open houses almost every weekend for several of those months. Out of 155 showings the only comments we had over and over were that the wall paper border on the soffit and purple paint in the kitchen made it look dated. My wife finally convinced the owner to remove the border and paint the kitchen a neutral color. The house had a contract the next week. Point is, people just can't see past some things and secondly they don't want to do anymore than they have to on a newer looking home.

    Be sure you have a new furnace filter in the furnace, take some cleaner/paper towels and detail the furnace and hot water heater inside and out to make them look brand spanking new, even in the area where the filter goes. Clean up the floor around it and get any dust bunnies as well as the gunk in the floor drain. I know mine by the mechanical builds up dust and gunk over time from the condenser draining into it during the summer months. Big concern with folks is making sure the mechanical is in good condition. If it looks that way than you've settled many of their concerns. It takes away negotiating power too if they can't say it looks like it needs a new hot water heater.

    Overall, if you're not getting any bites, listen to the feedback and it may just be something as simple as a border or paint that is enough to get the right buyer in (though I know how much you like painting).

    P.S. Is the living room a textured ceiling and the kitchen not? It's not a big deal, but something that caught my eye, just never seen it done that way before.

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    Thanks for the tips Darren. I did clean up the mechanicals but will give them another once over to follow your specifics. I think the plates can go this weekend will chat with the wife. There is only a pin prick for mounting them but i get what you saying.
    The market up here is quiet active especially for our area. The drivers to buying in my view have less to do with the actual home more to do with the area and schools and location relative to travel to work in all directions. Of course the lot on the nature conservation area is a huge plus. The shop is going to cut the market in two. They either gonna love or hate it being there. Lots size is premium for our immediate area in comparison to the homes inthe area and what is being built today.

    Seems you did not read "I hate painting and aint painting another thing."

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    Nice house. My wife tells me that Richmond Hills is a very nice area. I have been there once a few years ago. You shouldn't have to wait to long to sell it.
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    You have a nice home. I am *NOT* going to show my wife the laundry room because I will then have another "honey-do"

    But MAAAANNN.... location, location, location. In the middle of the USA, a newer home like that would go for about 1/3 your asking price. It makes me wonder how young couples can ever get started in areas like that.

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    Hope your bags are packed. That shouldn't take too long.

    Some say the land of milk and honey; others say the land of fruits and nuts. All together my sort of heaven.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Keeble View Post
    Toughest part of selling for our family with the two young babies errr sorry men is keeping the place as sterile as it is.

    Its off to the country for me now. But we gonna take our time to pick out that spot.
    Sterile indeed. Packing up like that is one of the two big things that I would dread about moving, should we ever do so. (the other is the thought of moving my shop up the stairs out of the basement -- make sure I hire young guys with strong backs for that!)

    As for the country... looks like all you have to do is move about a km due west and it's big rolling fields!
    Have fun shopping, hope you find a nice place!
    There's usually more than one way to do it... ........

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    make sure your close to water rob so we cn go fishun next time i come to see you
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    Beautiful house Rob. I hope it sells fast

    I can't imagine living that close to neighbors on such a small lot
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