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Thread: Bed Hardware

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    Bed Hardware

    Ok Lee Valley has a bunch of bed hardware to chose from to get the headboard and two side boards to hold together.,40842&p=41269

    Which of these have you found to work best.

    I gotta help a friend today sort out his kids bed. He is in the same situation as me kids are off to school one needs to take a bed to their new digs.

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    Actually several friends have built a bed similar to this for their kids that have left for school. It gives room in the dorm for their desk and such.

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    I put bed bolts on my daughter's bed and I like them. Easy to attach, easy to tighten, and solid. The downside(?) is that you really need stub tenons, and you need to drill some pretty long holes accurately.

    I have something like the Bed Rail Fasteners on my Queen bed and I don't like them, I find they squeak and wiggle. There is no way to adjust them.
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    I'm with Art - I've built six beds using bed bolts. He's right on all counts, including the need to accurately drill long holes. If you have a good doweling jig, it helps.

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    built one bed rob and used the bed locks, but the next one will be the bolts with tenons..
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    I've made 4 beds so far. 3 with the mortise bed locks and 1 witht he mortise free ones. I'll never use anything but the mortise locks again. Th mortise free ones are too flimsy.
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    I used the hook type bed hardware, it sucks.
    If I make another bed, it will be with propper bed bolts.
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    mortise bedlocks. I used the screw on bed rail fasteners on a few grandkid beds, but the screws work loose. One I have changed over to the mortise type. If you use the mortise type, make sure they are not set below the surrounding wood. I had one with the slots, a 1/16" too deep ( hand chiseled ) and they won't lock up tight when assembled. I now set a laminate trimmer to the thickness of the steel and rout the recess. You can easily make a jig to speed things up too.
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