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Thread: Oh boy another bandsaw issue

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    Oh boy another bandsaw issue

    Well i had to stick my bandsaw back together quicker than i wanted but its all in once piece and cutting but i got an issue thats got me puzzled.

    Just to recap this is after i changed to new bearings sorted out the spacer washers etc and have bedded down vibration of the base.

    When i turned it on with the 1/4 inch pretty new blade i have used before with no blade guides etc in contact boy was it sweet.

    I want to recommend to anyone with a bandsaw to do this and listen. If you hear all the rumbling change those bearings you will be delighted with the smoothness. Larry those bearings were definitely shot.

    Ok but now i think i got an issue with the tires or something just not sure or could be the blade is bent.

    Will be taking it apart again today to give it the once over but thought someone might have had the same issue.

    The blade is wobbling at the cutting point. I got it tracking in the middle of the upper wheel. But when it cuts its cutting a zig zag cut.

    I have never seen anything like it before.

    I will try changing the blade first and see if the issue goes but any other ideas out there? I hope i have not introduced some other gremlin.

    Did not have time to debug when i discovered it, i had to get the column base project done and just sanded the edges smooth.

    I am figuring the blade got bent badly somewhere in all the clean up dont see how since i had it hanging up but i aint the only one that goes in that shop there are two other characters that i have to take into account.

    Any ideas? I know i need to do some more diagnostics before you docs can say anything but while i am at the puter i thought i would throw this out there.

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    I assume you mean it is zig-zagging left to right, not front to back. Simple teest would be to remove the blade, tie a string around the tires like the blade, stick a piece of tape on the table very near the blade (now string) and turn the wheels. If the string does as the blade does, its not the blade and you can continue. The wheels move at such a rate that I would find it hard to see out-of-round tires/wheels causing this; the result of that would be quite a vibration and more of a flutter than a zig zag. The possibility of a resonant zig-zag effect due to a more rapid out-of-round issue could result I suppose(?). Additional methods to track things down could include a pencil and a spring clamp. Clamp the pencil (or pop-sicle sticl, scrap of wood, whatever) so that one end is very near the wheel rim, turn the wheel and watch for deviation. Same for both wheels and both tires. Good hunting.
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    You got it Glenn its a zig zag side to side. Will give your ideas a try out. Thanks for the tips and help. I appreciate it very much.

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    If it's left to right, you may take a square against frame and rotate the tire to see if there is some space on one side as you rotate the tire. If so, most likely you may need to dress and shape a tire (or both). I think someone did one recently using a disc sander.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Keeble View Post
    You got it Glenn its a zig zag side to side. Will give your ideas a try out. Thanks for the tips and help. I appreciate it very much.
    It kinda sounds like you have a kink in the blade... I put a new 3/8" on mine a few days ago.... it cut like a dream, but I was cutting a small log to do a pepper mill from, not paying as much attention as I should have, the log rolled and jammed the blade... I stopped the saw immediately and worked the log loose, but when I turned it back on, there was a point on the blade that was slightly twisted - kinked - and I don't get a clean cut from the blade now. I get a slight ticking sound on the saw every time the "kink" comes around and goes through the blocks. I'll change the blade again and toss this blade as it's now ruined.
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    one thing i can think of rob, is what happened to me. when i adjusted the blade on the tire, i only reset the guides and the bearing the blade pushes against on only the top set, don't know why i forgot the bottom ones. once i had everything in order, all was good again.
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    I alwas go for the easy stuff first try another blade first then once you rule out the blade start looking at the other stuff.... jmho
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    I had a similar issue recently on my MM-16. I put a brand new 3/8" blade on and the blade oscillated left and right and cut the same way too. Then I rechecked my thrust bearing alignment and it was off. I brought the thrust bearing closer to the back of the blade and everything worked well.

    It's important to note that my MM-16 has flat wheels that is quite common on Italian manufactured machines. Normally blades are aligned with the teeth hanging off the front edge of the machine. Only the narrower blades are typically recommended run on the center of the machine and I have cool blocks to run in those instances.
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    Interesting thread. I noticed mine wobbling this morning as well. I am gearing up to do a ton of resawing and have a new blade is on the way. We'll see how it all pans out, but you've given me things to inspect. Thanks.

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    Mine has zigzagged forever and I've fiddled with it to no end. I gave up trying. Its closr but not perfect. I sand out the zag and zigs. Its a mastercraft so not exactly top of the line equipment. If you figure it out let me know. I've often consudered getting a better one and having a divorce with this one!
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