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Thread: silly question?

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    silly question?

    Ok everyone I got a silly question.

    I was working in my shop yesterday standing at my sander in a cloud of dust, when my brother-in-law came in. After a short discussion about what I was building and for who, he looked around the shop with a strange look on his face. Je then turns and says "for all the things you've had in this shop you'd think you would have built a chair for in here by now."

    I don't do a lot of sitting when I'm in the shop so it has never really crossed my mind to have a spot for someone to sit. So back to the silly question... Do you all have chairs or something for guests or yourself in the shop?
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    I don't have chair or even stool but I am considering one. Often after being on my feet for a few hours working in the shop, I need to sit down and retreat to the house to do it. On those occasions, just 5 minutes off my feet relieve them and I can go back to work.

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    My shop is in the garage, so no fancy digs for me. I have a stool, the first one I ever made about 30 years ago, but that's for me. Any guests get the lawn chairs, which are actually pretty good.

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    I've got a couple of cheap barstools I got from the local OSH many years ago. They've done duty as make shift sawhorses, stands for spray painting objects, welding supports, step stools, backing for hole drilling. I even sit on them. But they aren't all that comfy. I do have a computer in the garage I use for some of my electronic projects and will generally sit down while I'm working on electronic projects, or model building and such.
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    I also have a stool. have had a chair,but they take up to much room. Now if i had a office in the shop, i'd have a nice chair or two.

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    I have a couple of stools that fold up and have a couple of lawn chairs out there too.

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    I have a stool that gets used when I scroll which is rarely. The rest of the time it gets moved from here to there or even put in the house. I have no time for sitting around when I'm in the shop. Give me another decade or so and I may sing a different tune
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    I think the point was chairs for guests. Whole other kettle of fish. No chairs for guests. Can't sand sitting down.

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    I have chairs and bench's for people and me. I can't stand for very long without a lot of pain in back so my work chair has wheels and is rolled all over the shop to be able to work at all.
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    i work standing up mostly so as for use in the shop, no but i have entertained several in the shop or the office area.. so i have two chair for quest plus my chair in the office and i have three more stool types that will work when i have friends stop to visit..its usually the coolest place to be when visitors come..
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