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Thread: Friday 7/6/2012 - Whats up Woodworkers?

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    Friday 7/6/2012 - Whats up Woodworkers?

    Or is it too hot for most of you to spend time in the shop?

    Me, I'll be continuing my never ending quest to achieve organization by building some more drawers for the shop. Might even put together a tool review or two.
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    Sounds like a gloat coming Brent...

    Hot here this weekend. Last I checked 105 tomorrow and Sunday.

    I've got a PB event tomorrow night, so mostly preparing for it and packing up. Sunday will be some major pool time. I may do some office cleaning in the shop, but probably not much shop stuff until it cools off next week.

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    Shop time between 5 & 8 AM. Working on a Communion rail - 4 sections due by the end of the month. Too hot after 8 AM. Afternoons are nap times. Mornings are church work [and taxes this week - yuck!].

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    Just left the shop it was 102 in the shop cool air in office but no more work was going to happen out there. Looks like more of the same for tomorrow
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    no shop time for me this week, had outside work to do,, today it warmed up some we had 104.. and its not the dryheat like don has tomorrow maybe i can go cool out in the shop unless i have some concrete to cut in the am..
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    Shop time, heat or no heat.
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    Same as Steve, shop time heat or no heat. Rain or no rain.

    Maybe a cookout Sunday

    Just heard that my wife's uncle passed last night. Wake is on Sunday.
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    A little shopping with he wife tomorrow then work on my commision, hopefully be ready or finish by the end of the weekend

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    Trying to get both the boys vehicles going. One has a tork converter out, and the other,i'm not sure yet. Did i mention i hate working on vehicles.

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    Might be too hot for me in the shop tomorrow, Ill try to get a jump on some adirondack chairs I have to bang out quickly. I learned a lesson about promising people things. Never again when it comes to building something.
    I hate people calling me asking me if its ready yet, no, when then? Ya think by next weekend? Id like to pick them up, since were going upstate and want to take them, so what do you think, by next weekend,
    3 times in a one phone call they ask me. I feel like telling them no 4 times, so when they call me monday, theyll have the answer in advance.(its obvious Im not looking for any type of customer)
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