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Thread: bean bag toss game

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    bean bag toss game

    well, my sister talked me into making a set of four of these game boards. needless to say, she waits until the day before they are needed to mention this to me. so in 101 degree outside heat, and roughly 125 in the garage, i set about my task. fortunately, i had the help of both bo, and jake schmibbley (cousins, not brothers). they both got some lessons in both woodworking, and painting. the boards were easy enough, some 2x4's and 2 foot by 4 foot half inch plywood. cut the frame, attached the plywood, cut the holes for the pivot pins, cut the holes in the plywood, add a bit of white paint, and they are done. i think i downed better than a gallon and a half of water on this project. almost forgot, pop schmibbley even got into the act on this one....
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails bo schmibbley learning how to sand.jpg   all parts cut.jpg   bases assembled.jpg   pop schmibbley dispensing advice.jpg   jake schmibbley measuring for hole.jpg  

    all holes cut.jpg   unfinished game set up.jpg   bo schmibbley sanding edges.jpg   jake schmibbley painting the games.jpg   bo schmibbley adding another coat.jpg  

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    They turned out fine in my book , maybe next time they will give you more notice time ......................MB
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    Looks like a fun game for when family gets together

    I assume you need just 2 boards to play the game and you made 2 games??

    Looks like the whole family had a hand in building them too. Nice project Dan
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    Those games are fun. Great project Dan!
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    yup, you need 2 of them to play. when we were over there yesterday, at times all 6 were being used. they also had a dunk tank as well. they were a little too ambitious about the designs they wanted to paint on them, but, if they had this idea a few days earlier...... lol
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