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Thread: Tassy Euc Bowl

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    Tassy Euc Bowl

    I have had this lying around the shop for several years in its roughed out form, twisted, split and decidely oval.
    Thought I have better finish it off as it was forever getting in the way falling off shelves. It seemed when I wanted to do something it had to be moved.

    Its roughly 7"x 2.5" with a wall thickness of just over an 1/8" to 3/16" on the bottom finished with a couple coats of DO and left matt.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    well afterthe long wait i think you made something out of it just fine neil
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    Looks mighty fine to me.
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    Good thing you decided to finish it because it turned out really nice.
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    Great-looking bowl indeed. I can relate to the concept of finishing off pieces that have been in the way for too long. I've been doing some of the same myself this past week.
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    That is one amazing chunk of wood Neil!! The wall thickness being a tad deceptive with the lighting and what not...I'd put my M&M's in that bowl anytime!
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    Not only a great piece of wood but a great job of getting it right.

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    thanks guys for all the positive input

    I always have trouble with these flat bowls, it came from what was essentially plank. Too deep for a platter and too shallow for a HV
    I had quite a lot of them and many were given away to pen turners sorta solved my problem. . As a blank to turn its quite soft and but omewhat prone to tear out especially on internal tight curves

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