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Thread: Need to brag a bit -- Wine glasses to Uganda

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    Need to brag a bit -- Wine glasses to Uganda

    This past Saturday I was doing the Farmers Market in Market Square, Knoxville.... I have wine glasses that are set on wood stems and a set in particular with "Spectraply" stems... the spectraply is called "dark knight"... it a blue and black combination... made a spectacular pepper mill and with the left over, I made the glasses.

    A lady walked in my booth, immediately picked up the glasses and asked if I could pack them for transport back to Uganda.... I wrapped them in as much tissue as I cold, then bundled them together with more tissue and suggested she use a small box in her carry on luggage... so when she gets back I'll have a set of my glasses in Africa.... She's an American living and working near Enteibbe, over visiting her son and grandchild.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Tellico Plains, TN
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    wow that's great you have now joined the ranks of the few who have exported their handy work, like Toni and his carvings ans Stu with his chess set.
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    Lovely! Makes a case for having a roll of bubble wrap handy.

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    Congrats, Chuck. That Spectraply looks real nice, too.
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    Great looking glasses Chuck...congrats on the sale.

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    Beautiful glasses, beautiful sale.

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    Congrats man. Don't get any better than that. great job.

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    Stack 'em rack 'em and pack 'em!
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    well done chuck,, i just got wood all over north america,, you going world wide!!! atahha boy chuck
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    That's fantastic Chuck Beautiful glasses too

    Uganda, hope you got paid in cash
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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