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Thread: Small box hinge problem

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    Small box hinge problem

    I have started to build a small box with mahogany sides and top and tiger maple front and back. I used 3/8 box joints to assemble the box, and plan to use a 3/8 inch thick piece of mahogany for the top. I want to use a set of Brusso JB-101 stop hinges, but the supplied #2 brass screws are 1/2 inch long. With a 1/16 mortise for the hinge, I'll have 5/16 of wood to work with. Brusso recommends that I cut the screws down and use some sort of epoxy to compensate for the lost holding power of the missing threads. They would not recommend a particular adhesive, preferring to leave that to the woodworker.

    I don't have a clue as to what type of adhesive to use in this situation. I am allergic to cyanoacrylate, so I should avoid the superglue family. If there is a good epoxy for this type of situation, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

    I would pre-drill the wood and use cut-down steel screws first, then run in the shortened brass screws. My thought would be to dip the screws in whatever adhesive I use before driving them.


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    It sounds like you are trying to stabilize the wood around the shorter screws. You may find a PVA glue adequate for that, such as one of the Titebonds. (If I have to move a screw hole or have other problems with screws, Titebond and some wood slivers in the "bad" screw hole normally fixes it.

    An epoxy is likely to hold the screw in, not just make a solid bed for the screw. If you go that way, my "go to" Epoxy is the system 3 5-minute two part epoxy. See

    For years I tried the various tiny tubes and syringe dispensers, with poor luck. Then I needed a larger amount for a project, and this stuff worked great. It keeps well, and I now use this epoxy for many things - epoxy is no longer my enemy. (Put the leftover in the refrigerator to extend the life even more). You can even sand it flush (use it as a filler, perhaps with some coloring), and the finishes I use stick to it without problem.

    The 5 minute part is roughly the open time - allow hours for it to build strength.
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