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Thread: Dent Steaming?

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    Dent Steaming?

    done it in solid wood but do you dare use heat on plywood? i dont think so,, but am asking those with more wisdom than me
    got some scratches on the face side that i want gone if i can get them out..
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    I have done it but, the ply was finished clear. As to effects on stains or other colorants, I'll defer to our resident masters.
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    I have done it, too, without deleterious effects. Sometimes ya gotta try because there is no alternative. I had built a wine cabinet for my son, African mahogany ply and solid, and it was nearly finished, when a pipe clamp fell against the plywood panel and bonked it pretty hard. I used vocabulary I thought I had forgotten. The dent steamed out pretty well.

    As to whether we have more wisdom than you, I wouldn't want to bet on that one

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