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Thread: North Neighbor at it again

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    North Neighbor at it again

    Well got a call from the Electric Meter reader today and he was in the back yard to read the meter due to over billing me at the old house. Told me the glass in the sliding door was broken. Went to the house and had the Police meet me there and found both panes in the sliding door and one pane in the fix side SHOT out and the porch light glob with a pellet hole in it. 5 shot we could find, not counting the ones that hit the glass and broke it.

    We could see from the angle that they came form the North Neighbors shop area there was absolutely no doubt about that but the Cop just took picture and headed to the station to write a report and nothing done as usual.

    So they get away with it again

    Can't wait to get that place sold so I never have to go to that Town again.
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    So someone is shooting at a house, you've got the 'ballistic' evidence, and still they can't do anything? That's really sad.
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    If the cop did indeed write a report, the detective unit should look into it...I'd be on the phone wanting to know where things stand.
    On the other hand, I'd also be thinking about having a little talk with said neighbor...out behind the garage, with a 2x4 if need be

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    That really bites, Jay. If the cops aren't doing anything despite the ballistic evidence, I'd escalate the complaint up the chain of command until someone paid attention.
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    There are sure some real jerks out there. I'd do what Vaughn suggests and call the Chief.
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    Got to the police station, in person, dress nicely, have all the reports in hand from the other incidents, ask to speak to someone higher up, take names, take notes. When you are done, if you are not satisfied with their answers and actions, tell them you are going to the media, then go to the media, I'm sure it is a slow news kind of time of year, and you could very well find someone that would want to run your story, because this really sucks.
    You are a better man than me, I'd be so angry I'd go knocking on his door, and it would not be a polite conversation.
    I really hope this North-side Neighbour gets what he deserves, and I hope you sell the place SOON.
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    Jay, it's just my $.02, but if you are trying to sell the place, the last thing you want is a neighbor dispute and police failure to act on the local news to scare off potential buyers. I share your anger, but for now, subtlety may be your friend.
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    I'm with Ken on keeping the lid on this one. NN is accumulating bad karma at a rapid rate. Keep your distance to avoid collateral damage. Of course, if it happens again all bets are off.

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    Sorry to hear you are still troubled by these people Jay, on a positive note you at least were not living there and you know its only a matter of time till its all over.

    At some point justice also needs to be done.

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