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Thread: Cool little score

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    Cool little score

    When my wife was in British Columbia visiting our prospective in-laws, they were cleaning out a family house, and my son's future FIL, who has met me, asked my wife if I would be interested in having the object pictured below. She said that she was sure I would, even though nobody knew what it was.

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    I immediately identified it as a microscope, and after some research came up with a description as a student microscope and naturalist's field microscope, probably English, from about 1900. It is valued at about $25, so I wasn't afraid of hurting its value as an antique, and I polished it up. I also checked that it works, and indeed it does. I would estimate it at about 100x, and it gives a clear image of the subject, in my case the ridges of a nylon tie. Couldn't believe how much dirt was trapped in there!
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    Hey thats pretty cool. Nice job on making it shiny again

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    That is a nice little score and great conversation piece. Great job on the clean-up!

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    Ditto ^^^

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    Very cool little scope.
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    Very nice, make a cool little box for it, some glass slides to hold stuff, and I bet most kids, on a sunny day (to use the mirror) would spend hours outside, squishing stuff between the glass slides and looking at the small world under that microscope. No batteries needed
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    Excellent find. Look at some edges with it, way cool.
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