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Thread: A major minor adjustment

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    A major minor adjustment

    Couple of years ago I had slapped a little room together in the shop for the Mrs to store her craft stuff. Well she got a lot of it moved into the spare room she's using as 'her' shop. The room in my shop was approximately 6'x10', and being as she no longer needed all that room, I got to do a little rearranging .
    First up was tearing down the walls...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Then once I got the remaining storage items all packed onto some shelving, I used the 2x4's & osb to create some doors...
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    Next was to add some wheels I had lying around to each of the three doors, and dadoed out an upper & lower track...
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    and wah-la...sliding doors, hillbilly style
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    Which now allows me enough room to rip 8'rs on both the table saw & the radial arm saw.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Still have a bunch to do yet, re-position the outlet and switch, re-hang a couple of ceiling florescent lights etc. etc.
    The new storage is about 2'x8' so I gained quite a bit, or at least enough for now The mini joiner/TS & the band-saw are on wheels, so when she needs access, it shouldn't be a problem.....Me so happy!

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    Those are some darned clever doors Ken. That gives me an idea for a storage system that could use that same basic idea...
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    Those hillbilly sliding doors are pretty slick.
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    Pretty ingenious there Ken
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    Nice gain of space Ken those sliders will do the job, good job on them. Any way to gain extra shop space is a good thing

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    Nice job, Ken!
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    Man, opens the space up nicely, a little elbow room is good. Very nice job on the doors, ingenious!

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    You got a good missus and she is on your side. Great story and even better doors. Nothing hillbilly about them.

    I think you should make a article and send them to a few of the magazines for tips. You may just win one of the tips of the month contests they have and then be published and who knows what you will get. I think thats an ingenius design for doors and use for some wheels.

    Hey add pegboard to one of them on the outside and you can get some more hanging space. Thinking of those blades you got hanging.

    Kudos to you Ken. Send them in.....Wood Magazine, Shop Notes, even Fine Woodworking and American Woodworker. Go for it.

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    Thanks guys, I've got a couple of doors under two of my benches that swing open, always a pain with me laying things up against them, thinking they'll all get the treatment
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    Its beautiful. The one endearing feature of doors on shop cabinets is that they look so good closed . Seriously Ken, that came out great!
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