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Thread: Hey Triskaidekaphobics, What you got planned this weekend? 7/13/2012 edition...

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    Hey Triskaidekaphobics, What you got planned this weekend? 7/13/2012 edition...

    Whats on tap for this weekend? Not much woodworking for me, too much in the way of yardwork...
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    onward and foward with my sons kitchen project. We will mold out the window, install the halogen spots, and then figure out how to take down a wall, and open up the entire kitchen/dining area.
    Then measure it all up, and I can get started on phase 2 of this project.
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    Well{said while tossing salt over my shoulder}, Going to put the ladder away, fix the broken mirror and give the cat to the neighbor!
    Other than that. just puttering around the yard & shop. No cooking tonight, have leftover BBQ chicken from last night & made some potato salad this morning, Mmmmm

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    going to a Blue Jays game. Beyond that, no plans. It's too hot for man or beast outside.

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    I'll be getting out to the shop eventually and working on the adirondack chairs and organizing some more. (should be there now, but am procrastinating)

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    Working - and not not in the shop either!

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    Should get a little shop time tomorrow. Getting together with my bud for ribs and abt's also tomorrow got's some planning to start for some up coming get together

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    I figure this will be a good weekend for a drive across the desert. I'm headed from LA to Albuquerque, (via Tuscon to visit a friend).

    Bye-bye, shop.
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    Family coming to town tonight for a wedding shower...that means shop time for me tomorrow! Picking up some ambrosia maple for a project and finishing up some turning projects too!
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    Had to look that up...then realized the date.

    It's date night...going to take my wife to dinner and a movie.

    Need to make some drawings up for the new bath and get a game plan together as to when we're going to start demo. Probably going to pickup some plywood and start the vanity for the bath, probably start on a few cabinets for the shop too.

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