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Thread: Antique Hand Operated Mini .........

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    Antique Hand Operated Mini .........

    Drill press that I found in some of my Dads old shop tools.
    The only markings on it are 446/1.
    No manufacturers name or markings.
    I have seen these on some of the antique tool sites identical to this one including the colors.

    The knob on the top raises and lowers the quill and the knob on the side locks the quill.

    The lever on the side unlocks to raise or lower the whole unit.

    The chuck will take up to 11/32" bit.

    Any one with any information would be appreciated.


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    i have no information but that is one sweet tool!

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    That looks like it just came off the store shelf today, if they still made them like that. Fantastic!
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    That is one cool tool!

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    Wow thats cool. I'm guessing it was probably a specialized tool, its kind of like a super miniaturized version of a blacksmiths post drill

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