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Thread: New tool steel on the horizon

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    New tool steel on the horizon

    Saw this mentioned a few days ago elsewhere. The folks at Veritas are developing a new form of tool steel for use in planes & chisels. Supposedly this PVM-11 steel will be similar to A2 steel to sharpen but hold an edge much longer:
    Veritas steel
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    Woodturners have been using what appears to be a similar powdered metal steel in some of their tools, and I can attest to the fact that it's good stuff.
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    New technology is always upon us. This looks interesting.
    Is it a steel just like the Neanderthals made over campfires in the woods?
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    Does this mean my 30 year old Lee Valley chisels won't work any more? As they say in Quebec, Plus ša change, plus c'est pareil (the more it changes, the more it's the same.)

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    I saw the article. It sure reads good; given the fact that Lee Valley is not one of the"Over braggers" in advertising, it probably is really good.


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    I recently bought a Veritas Low Angle Block plane and opted for the cutter made from the new steel. I was able to hone it very quickly, and so far, it has stayed sharp through a fair amount of planing white oak end grain! So far I like the material.

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