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Thread: Help me build a Wooden garden hose reel

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    Help me build a Wooden garden hose reel

    Has anyone ever built a garden hose reel out of wood? I'm tired of buying the cheap plastic reels that break every other year. At $30-$40 per reel I think this would be a good investment and can be made to look nice. I'm thinking of using treated wood and maybe some PVC. I cannot find any reference to anything like this on the web so I'm guessing I may be missing something. The first thing my wife said is "it will be heavy".'m not going to be carrying it around and I want it to be heavy enough to not slide around when winding up the hose (like the plastic ones do). My current one is broke so I may have to tear it apart to figure out how to work the hose connection but I think that is mostly just a rubber "o"-ring" fitting. Anyone with ideas?
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    Not exactly the same, but here's an electric cord reel I made for some super heavy duty extension cords I bought.

    My only advice would be to make the handle a little taller. This one is too low.

    Maybe you could scrounge the swivel fitting from a garage sale version of a hose reel?
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    Well, I've been giving this some thought and there are a few things I'm going to do with it to "improve" it over the ones I can buy. Taller is the first order of business. My back will thank me later.
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    Look up cable reels other wise know as rednecks dinning room table.
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    Hi Tom

    My search turned up these ideas.

    Make a wooden box

    Then buy one of these heavy duty metal units

    Place inside and you away.

    Here is a pic of a antique wooden reel to give you an idea if you really want to make a wooden reel.

    I think metal reel part i linked to takes the guess work out of the coupling part.

    I agree with your sentiment though it gets tired buying these things so regularly.

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