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Thread: Time for a Lazy Pet Thread

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    Time for a Lazy Pet Thread

    It's about time for another pet thread, so I'll start this one. Show me pics of your lazy dog. Or cat, if you'd rather.

    Here's my submission, Dakota in a couple recent pics. These two old sofas are considered dog furniture, although we allow guests to sit there too.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Dakota's the bigger of our two dogs. He's tall enough I can pet his back without bending (and I'm about 6' 2"). He can stretch out pretty long and lanky, or curl up in amazingly small spots. He belonged to LOML before we lived together, but he's definitely adopted me as his dad and best buddy. My dog Sasha, OTOH, is now always hanging out with my wife. Must be a girl thing.
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    Honey-Behr curled up on her couch.
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    I will get two at one time. This is Chester and Smokey. Chester is (best guess) a Lab or Golden retriever/Chow mix. He was rescued from the streets. LOVES kids and LOVES to play. He was hanging out around the Elementary School with the kids. He was about to go the Pound when we heard about him. He is one of the smartest and most obedient dogs I have ever had and I have had some good ones.

    Doesn't really qualify as lazy. If you remember the Bugs Bunny cartoons, there was one that featured a Bulldog named Ralph. He had a very small side kick that was always jumping around and very hyper named Chester. Thats where I got the name. It suits him to a Tee! He is middle aged now and slowed down some but far from Lazy. When we drive up he grabs one of the many balls in the yard he has stolen and just waits for us to come out and play with him.

    Smokey is lazy. But he is 12 or 13 now so he is an Old Man. Loves to sleep on the dogs and they hate it but tolerate him. He came to live with us for a couple of months and that was 12 years ago. All the strays end up with us.

    I can't remember all the animals we have nursed to health and found good homes. I really believe God sends them here because he knows we will take care of them and find them homes.
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    Well, he aint purrrfect ...... but we love'em anyway.
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    One Sunday afternoon last winter and the wife wasn't feeling well. Came in from the shop and was able to get this shot. We named him Beamer. Rescued from the Humane Society. Great choclate lab, very smart. Also getting to fat

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    You asked for it!

    They all have lazy down to a science!

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    Here's our construction supervisor, hard at work when we were stacking bales.
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    First - here's some lazy pet pics of friends who are no longer with us.
    Sugar and Callie (in the window soaking up some sun.)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Sugar-Callie3.jpg 
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    Missy (my sisters dog) and Sugar
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Now for the current crop of pets.
    Ooops. Guess I haven't taken any pics of the present pets snoozing. So maybe I belong in the Lazy Pet Owners thread?
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    Lazy Dogs

    Here are my two ADT rescues. And they think they have it hard.
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    You asked for some pics of our dogs. This is NOT to suggest I think my wife is a dog!! She just happened to be part of the pack that day.
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