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Thread: A little spoon

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    A little spoon

    A little spoon I made a few months back it was about 28" long. Apologies about the poor pictures, not a great photographer. Carved out of a piece of ?not sure? but I think its black locust that blew over at a friends house a few years back.

    The local homebrew club has a yearly contest so I've been doing spoons for the last few years as a runner up prize.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    "Barley Sheaf" (or at least an attempt of... carving its a work in progress) on the handle.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Reportedly it works pretty well anyway.

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    Now THAT'S a spoon! Nicely done.
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    Now that is cool Ryan!
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    That's cool! What did you use to carve it?

    I remember years ago a local shop had a skillet they claimed would scramble 28 eggs, and a spoon about that size.

    It's a multi purpose tool; if you took it on a canoe trip it could be your spare paddle.

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    Can't fool me, that's a mash paddle!
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    Brent, you've found me out

    Roger, I used a variety of tools:

    • I rough cut the profile with a bandsaw (although I've used a handsaw in the past when I had no bandsaw, you just have to stop short of the curves and have more work to do later)
    • Further roughing of the profile was done with a draw knife, a spoke shave would also work and be easier to control
    • Before rounding the back of the spoons bowl I cut the inside with a gouge, actually two gouges one larger for the flatter parts and then a smaller one for the curvy bits
    • The curves were finished shaping with a set of iwasaki carving rasps, I have a set of three used here, an 8" fine cut, a half round fine cut and 6" extremely fine. Don't let the "fine" designation fool you these things remove wood like no tomorrow.
    • Sandpaper time, I actually like old belt sander belts that have busted here, you can clamp the piece down, grab the ends and really go to town, the longer stroke helps me fair the curves better. Sanded up through 400
    • A small v carving chisel was used for the attempt at some sort of s sheaf like symbol on the handle. I overshot a couple of the cuts but its not tooo bad. More practice and sharper tools help (the chisel got a good sharpening about 1/2 way through and then it went better.

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    Nice job on the "spoon" Ryan.

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