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Thread: Big, bad awful Ebay (not)

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    Big, bad awful Ebay (not)

    Yesterday I got an e-mail from Ebay. Being suspicious of any e-mail from any business I deleted it without opening. I then went to Ebay to log into my account.
    My password had been deleted and I was blocked. I had to go through the entire routine of answering security questions and re-registering with a new password.
    Once in I was sent a message that someone had hacked my password and made purchases with my credit card.
    Somehow, Ebay discovered this and stopped the transaction and made sure no charges were put on my credit card.
    They then notified me.
    Ebay is a business. The company does a good job. Just because they are a big business does not make them bad. Even if some of the political views of management do not agree with mine, the company is a great example of success in the American free enterprise system.
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    Good for them Frank. That's impressive

    Personally I don't understand why some people feel big businesses are the evil empire. Most, in my opinion, as you say, are great examples of free enterprise. Also, most big businesses buy a lot supplies from small businesses, world wide. Which in turn, keep the "American Dream" alive for lot's of hard working folks around the world.
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    Wow Frank, that is worrisome, but I'm glad eBay caught it before your money was spent.
    Thanks for posting about it.
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    Thanks for the thread Frank.


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