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Thread: Shop Art.....this ones for Carol...and me:)

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    Shop Art.....this ones for Carol...and me:)

    Well we have had the shop dog and all sorts of tools machines and fixtures but Carol made the point in Neds thread about shop art.

    So hows about it pile in here with pics of your shop art so us serious dudes can lighten up a little

    Its been something i been wanting to address for ages

    Show us your shop art please.

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    Gee, I'd never thought about that. Now I'll have to get one of those Michelin calendars so I'll have something to show you.

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    Posters I printed out. I do have two large "dogs playing poker" actual posters to hang, need some frames for them. I'll replace many of these as I get the actual metal ones.

    Robs favorite...

    My favorite Handsaw...

    A ceramic hammer made for me by my daughter in pottery class...

    Of course my "Kin of Larry Poster" adorns the walls as well...

    Here's an older thread on the topic, but I'm sure many have changed and added to theirs, so would like to see them here myself.
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    Well, I'm more into 3-D art, so I have the Shop Rooster, which was a White Elephant gift at a Christmas party a few years ago...

    There's a story that goes with the Shop Rooster, but the CoC prevents me from repeating it here.

    And for a limited time, I had the Shop Stool Door, but it was only a temporary exhibit...

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    My favorite shop art I have looks just like this one, but from 2011. I'll have to take some picks of some other things tonight. Great idea Rob!
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    How about Larry stops by and tapes off a wall with tape, pulls it off and adds glitter to the residue?
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    funny guys,, its triple digits yesterday and its hot today too, and you are making fun of a delmea,, ever have a job almost done except tfot the clean up and see where you missed something or the the tape left residue in the gables.. had i had a stool i could have had art like vaughn had as well
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    Tour de Wood is the only shop art that I have.

    I'm real proud of that because I met some great guys---including one who beschmears people who do the spinney thing and seems to look like an orangutan.


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    wall space is a luxury us guys with small garages dont have.
    I do have one little wall plaque from my old business and a homemade sign that written with magic marker on a piece of maple that state, "my wife told me to choose between her and woodworking, sure gonna miss her!"
    I had a couple of neon lights from my old business hanging, but decided to let my son take them to preserve them.
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    What I wouldn't give for some of that wall space ;-)
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