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Thread: Perhaps my very First woodworking project

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    Perhaps my very First woodworking project

    Unearthed this piece today:

    I made that in 7th grade shop class. Must have been my 'first' piece, because my mother dated it on the back:


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    Very cool Ned. I think most of my stuff got tossed by me when my parents sold their house and dropped it off at mine. I've got a tool box and drawing box I made in HS still, but most stuff I threw out when I was young and dumb(er).

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    Great memory Ned
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    That's cool, Ned. I think my very first projects were some Barbie doll couches and chairs I made from wood fruit crate slats for my sisters, although this cutting board that I made with my granddad was done at about the same age (about 7 years old, as best I can recall). The cutting board is still getting used; the doll furniture is long gone.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That's great that you still have that Ned , my first project that I can recall was a dog house, and a dog of a house it was but that was Dad's stipulation to me having a dog and by golly, ugly or not I got the pup & it got a semi-shelter...

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