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Thread: Fancy or Firewood

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    Fancy or Firewood

    I've been playing a game with a lot of my old friends (what other people might call "scrap wood" or "uh why are you keeping this" or "seriously? we're moving this again?") called "fancy or firewood". Basically the game is to try and turn the junk into something nice enough that other people feel bad about not taking when you offer it to them so it clutters up their house instead of my garage. So far a little bit of fancy (maybe overly fancy in one case, loml said "I want to keep ALL of these" at least its smaller pieces now) and a whole lot of firewood.

    Tonight was a nice big piece of willow that's been kicking from one side of the garage to the other and sitting under my workbench for almost three years that I kept meaning to carve into a bowl. Didn't look to bad on the outside, and I gave it every chance but the core was plumb soft so firewood it is. Progress is made.

    Now I just need to figure out where to store all of this firewood ...

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    I hear you Ryan, I have a very tough time throwing out anything. Being unemployed & broke eases my thoughts about the 'clutter wood' accumulation. But I think the underlying reason for my collection is two-fold...I've had more than a few occasions of 'if I only had another small piece of such-n-such I could finish this', and, I use scraps all the time during set-ups.

    However...come winter-time me & the wood stove go on the attack, trying to keep it somewhat under control.

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