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    Special job

    The guy next door to me asked me to do a special job for him. He has lost his Dad a couple months ago. His Dad had bought some coins and he wanted to give them away as Christmas gifts. He figured he would do it for his dad as a last gift. He asked me to make something special to display them in. I couldn't come up with anything that wasn't boring. At first it was going to be like a Tea light with the coin mounted instead of a candle. BORING!!! Then I saw the ansewer in Woodturning Design. The Egg clocks with the coin instead of clock. Honey Locust wood, about 4 inch tall and 2 1/2 wide. There are three of them but I only took pictures of the one.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Pretty cool Dennis

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    I would say very cool, would be even cooler to have put a clock mechanism behind the coin. I know it would have meant spoiling the coin but they aint proof coins anymore so why not.

    Great idea for mounting though.

    Is that coin a Morgan silver dollar? not quiet sure but looks like it.

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    Very nice, Dennis.

    And Rob, I've gotta respectfully disagree. Even if it's not a proof, I'm betting that coin is worth a lot more as a coin than as a clock.
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    That is just to cool Dennis. What a great piece and will make a great gift.
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