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Thread: The New Front Page questions.....

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    The New Front Page questions.....

    Ok you techies in Admin whats with this front page? How do we get to make it work for us.

    I see we have a Spanish "Tour de Wood" to Michigan taking place as an event so how does one get this to that section and use some of this CMS system?

    I mean we have a family meetings heading but the page is el blanco.

    Can you/ we ordinary humble members get to put stuff up there? MODS whats up you guys gone to sleep ???? We been paying you guys such big bucks you gone on strike or something?

    Ok you can banish me for insubordination now.....

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    So Rob, when are you running for election?

    no banishing for speaking your mind, but that I know of the CMS is administered by Ken Werner, who might be a tad busy lately... Mods have nothing to do with that page, we look at it just like you do.

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    rob, you're putting the cart before the horse with the spanish tour de wood. the family meetings area are for meetings that have happened, that have photographic proof that it did happen. the previously mentioned tour de wood has yet to happen, so it cannot be there.
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    Ned is correct, the mods aren't really in charge of the CMS, Ken was appointed to the position and has been quite busy. We were planning to put in a call for anyone that wanted to write articles and give them access to write and submit them, but Ken or the administrators would still be the ones that have to do the actual publishing due to the levels of security needed.

    We'll gather some details for those interested an post a new thread once we get the details hashed out.

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