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Thread: Jet 1642Evs 1 1/2 or 2 HP ?

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    Jet 1642Evs 1 1/2 or 2 HP ?

    Ok I am about to pull the trigger...I just about can get the Jet 1642 with the 1 1/2hp. In general does the 2 hp matter that much?. I know it would be good to have that extra but I would have to save some more and am ready to do something. As usual Thanks Guys !! Ya help a lot !!

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    Depends on what you turn. If you like doing big stuff the extra torque could definitely be handy. Mostly you'll notice it with larger pieces at slower speeds.

    If you turn mostly spindles or smaller bowls I'd be surprised if you noticed much difference.

    Also consider what you'll want for chucks/tools, no fun to have the lathe if you can't use it .

    I have a handful of tools from PSI (they're maybe not as cheap as the HF ones, but they seem maybe? slightly nicer) of which I mostly use:
    • Benjamin's Best 3/8" HSS Bowl Gouge - $17. This is my go to bowl gouge. I also have a 1/2" but I use this one probably 80-90% of the time for bowls.
    • Benjamin's Best 1" HSS Roughing Gouge - $21. This is my go-to roughing gouge
    • Benjamin's Best 3/4" x 3/16" HSS Parting Tool - $15, yup its a parting tool
    • Benjamin's Best 1" HSS Standard Skew Chisel - $19, reground to a lazy ) shape, works pretty good, needs frequent sharping. This is the one I might upgrade eventually.

    I also have an 8 piece mini set I bought from Grizzly years ago (which I don't see anymore on their site?) for about $20, looks suspiciously similar to the $19.99 set from HF except I didn't get the larger skew but (I think) another scraper instead and from the reviews on the HF site the ones I have suck less. From it I use the 1/2" roughing gouge, 1/2" skew and (I think its a) 3/8" (could be slightly smaller) spindle gouge; if you just bought those stand alone you'd have nicer tools and most of what you need to start.

    Note that I do have some other gouges, scrapers, etc... but I'd consider the above minimally equipped for minimal outlay.

    Add in a chuck (yeah yeah faceplates are fine..) for another $100, a mandatory not optional face shield (I have the Uvex S8510 Bionic Shield which is quite nice) for $35 and you're a bit over a couple hundred on top of the lathe just to get started.

    Serious on the face shield, a couple of months back I had a piece of oak let fly bounced off of my face shield and landed way up in the rafters. At best I'd have gotten a split lip or broken nose, was pretty glad I had it on. Other people have died, even people who turned professionally a long time and were working on (for them at least) small stuff. High speed smacks to the noggin ain't no foolin.

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    I think a lot depends on whether you think you'll eventually regret not having the extra 1/2 horse if you get the 1 1/2 hp model. Ryan is right...if you're turning mostly small stuff, I don't think you'll miss the extra power at all, but if you're into playing with big blanks, the extra oomph would be nice. Either version of the lathe will be a nice step up from your old lathe. Personally, I think I'd wait and get the 2 hp version, but I know me and I'm pretty sure I'd be saying "what if?" to myself if I got the smaller one.

    Another deciding factor would be if you already have 220v power to your shop. I had to upgrade the power to the shop (which meant an upgraded main panel for the house, too) when I got my Powermatic, but that was the model I really wanted, so I spent the bucks to do it. (Haven't regretted it, either.)
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    Hmm, interesting question. There pros and cons for both sides of the argument. But I have yet to hear of anybody complaining about 'all that darn extra horse power I bought that aint going to any good use' Heard a lot of folks complaing about 'Jeez I shoulda.....' down the track aways.

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    I spent the extra for the 2. I make a lot of small things so most of the time don't need it. But it is realy nice to know that if i need the extra it's there. If you have any doughts get it but you won't be sorry with either one. I would bet the 1 1/2 can handle any large project you may have.

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    I have the 1.5 and no regrets. I do switch belts a bit more that most may, but I like drilling stuff at 150rpm. 15" platter at 1000rpm is smooth as glass and big cuts maybe drop the rpm by 25 or so.
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    My dad went with the 1.5hp and has no regrets. He's made everything from very small pens to 15" HF's and bowls on it and has never had a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by neil mackay View Post
    But I have yet to hear of anybody complaining about 'all that darn extra horse power I bought that aint going to any good use' Heard a lot of folks complaing about 'Jeez I shoulda.....' down the track aways.
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    I have the Grizzly G0632 which is a kissin' cousin to the 1642. It is a 1 1/2hp, 20V. I rarely have to change belts and, right now, don't even know if it is on high or low range.
    Do check out Grizzly, you might be able to save some money. Or get bigger and better for same money. Check out the new G0733 from Griz. A real heavy duty lathe at about 1/2 the price as some of the similar 'name brands'.
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    I didn't get the 1642 when I bought, I had the funds, but opted for the 1442 for reasons other than the power... not sure what my motor is, but I've put some pieces on it that will wobble the lathe and task the motor I have... more than once I hear the belt slip on the motor pulley... I don't have 220 in my shop, but think wouldn't be much of a task to put it in, might have to upgrade the panel... I love my lathe, but given the opportunity to do it over, I would opt for the 1642, probably the 1 1/2 so I don't have to upgrade the power in the shop... and I looked at Grizzly, but opted for the Jet because I could touch and feel it in the store before I bought... with a little trust and forethought, might have gotten more lathe from Grizzly for the same money...
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