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Thread: Not Woodworking, but Wood was Involved

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    Not Woodworking, but Wood was Involved

    My mom and dad gave me this Ruger 10/22 for my 16th birthday...

    I used the $20 I got that year from my grandma to buy the cheap 4X scope at Woolco...

    Most of you already know this, but the Ruger 10/22 is probably the most common .22 semi-auto plinking rifle in the world. Great little rifle. Very simple, reliable, and when properly set up, accurate. There are a bazillion after-market parts and upgrades available for it. For a number of years I had a folding polymer stock on mine, but it broke about 8 years ago. Tonight I finally got around to doing a few mods on the gun that I've had in mind for a long time.

    First, the factory stock had to come off...

    Then I removed the barrel so I could replace it with something a bit more accurate...

    Once I had the new barrel installed, I put everything in a new laminated stock...

    Then I added a Nikon 4X-9X scope to finish it off...

    This is officially my first purple and charcoal black rifle...

    In the tack driver new configuration, I expect the ol' Ruger to be capable of dime-sized 3-shot groups at 50 yards. Now, whether I'll be capable of those kinds of groups is yet to be seen
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    Purple? Must be thinking of your dust collector. I really think it looks sharp,even though it's a color the wife would of picked out for her self. All kidding aside i really like what ya done to it. Now you just got to go see if them old eyes can get them dime size groupings.

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    Put a bipod on it and you will easily achieve your goal! Sweet looking conversion. I have a list of mods to do to some 10/22's I own. The double gatling gun is still on top of the list even though it will be the most useless item! How tight was the barrel? Use one of those rubber strap wrenches to take it off?

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    Very cool! Were these easy mods to do or do they require some gun smithing skills?

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    Paint me green with envy. In fact that aint enough.

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    that stock you got vaughn has some very bad voids in it you didnt pay top dollar for that piece of wood did you
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    I like it!

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    Nice job Vaughn. Let me know if you think the big hunk O steel barrel is worth it. I've got a couple of these lying around. Super guns.
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