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Thread: floor insulation

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    floor insulation

    me again, asking for yer smarts....will 2 inch blue styrofoam sandwiched between 2 layers of plywood support a lathe and bandsaw, or should you run 2 x 4's for support?

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    How thick is the plywood, how big are the tools, what's the OC of the joists below? A Craftsman 8" bandsaw and 10 lathe would be fine. A 36" DoAll bandsaw or real metalworking lathe would not.

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    Well I'm not sure I know what your doing but there are some other things to take into the picture.
    1 why are you putting the insulation between ply?
    2 what on the other side of the first layer of ply?
    3 where is the moisture going to go? is it trapped between the insulation and the ply?
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    okay..gunna backtrack a bit...original plan was to place foam between 2 x 8 joists with r-20 wool as well with 3/4 ply on top for floor, but was told that moisture would be a problem. Now thought to leave joists open to air and insulate on top of 3/4 ply with foam, and place another 7/8 or 3/4 ply on top. Building will be up on 8 inch cement blocks, with joists 16 OC. Lathe right now about 400 lbs with sandbags...bandsaw will probably be about 300 or so. The rest will be up on benches or from the walls. I ask all this to know if insulating a floor is even necessary in a heated shop, or is it a very necessary step. Building footprint is 16 x 28, but actual shop is 12 x 28 with covered verandah taking up the last 4 feet of depth.

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    I'm not answering your question because I just plain don't know.
    However, if I remember correctly 8 inches between joists and ground is the absolute minimum if there are termites in your area. Southern Calif. has all sorts of regs. because of those critters. Anyway, it is just FYI.

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    thanx Jim...too frigging cold for termites here...but its a dry cold

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    Hi Ron,

    Maybe insulating the cement block foundations from inside/outside, that way you have a crawlspace thats well insulated and you wont have cold feet. Can also run your DC pipes down there. When it's -20 outside you will be happy to have warm feet.

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