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Thread: Fancy Firewood

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    Fancy Firewood

    For the first week of my recent stay in LA, I got a little shop time. I finished a couple of pieces that I'd rough turned before I left, and also turned a few from start to finish. I finally got a few photos processed of the first one. This is from a load of box elder I got out of a buddy's firewood pile. I explained to him that the box elder wouldn't burn worth a darn, and that I had a pickup load of oak that I'd be willing to trade. (The oak was way too checked to turn.) It was a winning trade for both of us.

    This one is about 10" or so in diameter, and probably about half that in height. (I didn't measure it before I came back to NM, and it stayed in LA because my wife put her dibs on it.) I turned it relatively thin when it was wet. It warped a fair amount, so the mouth is a bit oval and I didn't go to heroic efforts to true up the inside when I finished it. Finish is wet sanded spray can lacquer, buffed and waxed with Renaissance wax.

    Felt good to get back into the shop after being away for 7 months.

    C&C welcome as always...
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    Well, you haven't lost your touch!

    Very nice. Love that red streak going through the box elder.
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    I was lucky enough to hold it in my hands and view it up close. Great photos but I must say that despite Vaughn's excellent photographic skills, this piece looks far more fantastic when you hold it in your hands.
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    I'm getting to be a real fan of box elder. Very nice.
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    I can see you havn't lost your touch at all.What a swap ya did to, can't belive someone would trade that for some old cracked up oak.

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    Gotta say your firewood is a lot fancier than my firewood

    The flame racing stripe really does make the piece, gorgeous wood!

    The form has kind of a southwestern water vase feel to it. Based on that.. it may be the angle on the pictures but it seems maybe a little bottom heavy, like if the mid point was closer to center or if the center of the top was "lifted" a little it would imho look more balanced. Its totally subjective and that's about the only C&C I could come up with

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    manitoba maple looks good in red got scolded on the canaddian forum for calling it the BE word.. looks great vaughn
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    Will the red color fade over time?

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    Mucho nice.....

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    Well ya still got it. Beautiful piece and wood.
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