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Thread: Serious tool collector

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    Serious tool collector

    Here is a pretty well equipped wood shop, Probably close to Larry's shop!

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    Is there anything that he doesn't have at least 3 of

    There's a few bucks tied up there. WOW
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    i cant seem to get it to open up and charles i dont have everything i am just doing with what i can get by with..
    got it to open charles,, he is way ahead of me in many ways.. but i am happy with what i have and wished i had one more tool maybe two or three more planes as well
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    Here is a link to an article about his shop and how he acquired all those tools.

    He's no different than us in that when a deal to good to pass up comes along he bought the tools. It helps when you've worked for Home Depot and Porter cable and won a contest where the prize was $3000 worth of dewalt tools!

    Kind of reminds you of Stu's dungeon just a bit bigger.
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    I am guessing there is another adjacent building where he moves a tool too when he has to do some work. I have to hand it to him though. If that was my shop it would be so messy people would think I just owned a pile of junk. that is the most organized and well thought out use of space I have ever seen.


    I just looked at the video again. still in awe. I was wrong. there is plenty of room to work for an organized person.

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    That vid has been around before. Not much to say except he has a lot of tools. I do wonder how he actually works in that confined space.
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    A lot of the shop is much easier to see in the link that alan b posted. every picture enlarges.
    I can't stop looking at this shop.

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