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    Sir Paul

    As long as he has been singing I have always enjoyed him singing, but after last night he is done. Kind of felt bad for the guy. You could see it in his face he was struggling. He forgot words and large parts of some of the song.
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    Missed it, fell asleep before he came on.
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    Too bad. Half of being remembered for what you've done is knowing when to stop doing it.
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    When you get old, the first thing to go is the memory. and I can't remember what the second thing is!
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    I didn't stay up to watch him....but my wife watched him......and she said the same's a shame.....

    I was playing bass and singing lead in a band when the Beatles invaded the US. I worshipped them and their music. You can only play "Johnny B. Goode" and other Chuck Berry songs so many times before they become boring. The Beatles and their music was a refreshing change at the time. I feel sorry for Sir Paul.

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    To me, it seemed the first part of Hey Jude was a kind of rough because he was on the verge of tears emotionally. Once he got going, things were better, although admittedly his voice was not as strong as it used to be. He still hit all the hard vocal parts pretty well, though.
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    I was thinking the same thing Dave. But my bet is that there is a contigent of the organizers that wont let him simply step down. But he looked rough. I dont think he is doing himself any favors by continuing to appear at these events. Time they found someone else now. Dont say much for British music if they gotta go to the museum all the time to find a hit.

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    Age may have played a role in his performance, but, like Vaughn, I felt he was overcome by emotion. JMHO


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    I agree on the emotion theory. For all the great music and entertainment he's given us, I'm cutting him lots of slack and will respectfully listen to him as long as he wants to sing.

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