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Thread: Maple leaf inlay on workbench top.

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    Maple leaf inlay on workbench top.

    Some of you will remember that i have posted somewhere that i wanted to inlay some bling on my workbench.

    Well this has been on the to do list for some time and so i finallly got er done.

    Here is how it came out after try number 2.

    Used all sorts of tools to get it this close. Its not perfect, but will do for bench bling.

    The wood is bloodwood and i made the inlay around 4 millimeters thick.

    After glueing it in i decided to clean up my benchtop to flatten the whole lot together again,. what with working on all sorts on that bench it needed a clean up.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	maple leaf close up.jpg 
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Name:	Maple leaf inlay in workbench.jpg 
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Name:	Bloodwood maple leaf inlay in pine bench top.jpg 
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    Then i finally got another thing done and tried it out. I been meaning to finish off adding my deadman, only two pieces of wood to add but its taken me years to get er done.

    Sure makes a difference, i can see now where a leg vise can play a role and good place for hold down storage.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Workbench deadman.jpg 
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Name:	IMG_2012072951694.jpg 
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    Never got a shot of it but also secured the wooden cross bars for the bottom shelf. They have been lying loose for a few years while i decided if they were going to stay or not. Guess the decision was made.

    So my bench is finally finished at least for now.
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    that turned out well rob and the dead man is something i need to do but wont get to for awhile..
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    Very nice inlay job. And very gutsy of you cutting through a knot section like that for an inlay. I have tried brass inlays on gunstocks and found I am not good at it. I like the use of the bench dog that way. My legs are metal so I can't do that.
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    Nice job on the maple leaf inlay Rob.
    I'm sure if General Canada would of made any work benches they would of done something real close to that.

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    Excellent. Way to dress up the bench.
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    No doubt whatsoever that's a Canuck bench, huh? It came out looking real nice, Rob.
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    Que cest fantastique! Vraiment Canadien! Did you copy the Maple Leaf from the flag, or is that another leaf? Nice work.

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    I like the inlay. Nice bench.
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    Very nice Rob
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    Way to kick it up a notch Rob
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